Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bunny Projects

I do this every year. I go a little crazy about bunnies right around Easter. I blame pinterest and the plethora of adorable bunny projects that pop up. Granted I think bunnies are cuter when you don't have to clean up from them, so I much prefer bunny-decorated crafts rather than the real thing hopping around.

Here are some that I'm enjoying right at this moment.

DIY Iron-on Bunny T-shirt from Alice & Lois

This tutorial for an adorable bunny shirt from Alice & Lois could solve any last minute bunny needs, since it's literally just print and iron-on. But the real loveliness of this project is the bunny. I think you could spend a long time looking for the perfect bunny image without finding another this perfect.

Bunny Coin Purse from Sew DIYSew DIY's Bunny Coin Purse is a simple sewing project and would be great for a beginner sewer. Especially when I'm learning something, I appreciate a quick project. That way I won't exhaust my patience for how slow I am at working on new things.

Peek-A-Boo Bunny Bag from Minted StrawberryNot that I need another tote bag. But none of my current totes have a pocket on the outside. So maybe I do need this one. The easy tutorial is from Minted Strawberry.

The Giving Bunny Project from Urban ThreadsThe Giving Bunny Project from Urban Threads makes me happy as only free art does. If you've ever wanted to participate in a free art project (or just want to make these cute but weird tiny bunnies), check out the project here.

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