Thursday, May 14, 2015

Art to Covet

Art Wall | Red Circle Crafts

J and I have been buying art lately from some artists that we really admire. We're lucky enough to afford to deck our walls in awesome prints and a few original pieces. Here's some amazing artists that we're fortunate enough to have a few pieces from.

Maryanna Hoggatt - Animal Battle: Eyes + HandsMaryanna Hoggatt | website |shop | instagram

Great & Small - Rhino! Mounted Animal HeadGreat & Small | shop | instagram

Laura Frisk Art - Block Printed Wall HangingsLaura Frisk Art | shop | instagram

Berkely Illustration - Cheetah Art PrintRyan Berkley Illustration | shop | instagram

I'm sure these artists have other forms of social media. But my personal love of Instagram wins out on the linking party happening here.

Note: All of these photos (excepting the first) belong to the linked sources.

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