Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Crafting For The Dapper Baby

Bow Tie Onesie | Red Circle Crafts

A friend of mine was trying to find a dapper outfit for her newborn son to wear to a Twenties-Style wedding reception. Surprisingly difficult to accomplish. Which is fair, because who wants to put their newborn in anything but onesies or those little kimono shirts.

Everything changed when I found this tutorial from Make It & Love It for a vest and bow tie onesie.

I modified it a bit, but frankly it's brilliant. I already have plans for adding snaps to larger sizes of onesies and re-using the bow ties. So this kid can continue to be dapper for the rest of his baby-hood. I hear that it's the sort of thing that can continue into adulthood if you plan correctly.

Bow Tie Onesie | Red Circle Crafts


  • Pinstriped knit fabric for the vest (no need to finished the seams because knits don't unravel the same way that other woven fabric does)

  • I added a little bit of transfer fusing web* to attach the vest in a few key places before I sewed it on so that it didn't get stretched out or slide around when I was sewing it into place.

  • I also used my own pattern for the bow ties, but the bow tie pattern here should work just as well.

I've been on a roll making baby clothes lately. Did you see the adorable 18 mo size baby shirt I made for a first birthday present on my Instagram? Also aren't these baby harem pants adorable! Those green ones are just an excuse to use some of the scraps of Better Than Jam fabric I still have lying around.

Baby Harem Pants | Red Circle Crafts

*This is an affiliate link. I make a few cents if you purchase this product through this link. Mostly though I want to show exactly what I'm talking about.


  1. So cute! What an adorable creatively modified onesie. Thanks for sharing this! BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway currently. You can win one out of 10 super cute felt cell/mobile phone sewing kits. Have a lovely day. Jana


  2. IN. LOVE. Pregnant with my first behbeh and it's a boy! I'm going to have to find the energy to make him one of these. Pinned!

  3. Congrats! I hope you do make him one.