Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hostess Gift Ideas

We're traveling a lot in the next month. We're going to be seeing people we don't often see, attending a few weddings, and staying with friends. Now that we're adults and lucky enough to have friends willing to house us, we bring host(ess) gifts with us as a small thank you. I prefer to bring something special from Portland or something I made with my own two hands.

I'm trying to keep in mind that whatever I bring needs to travel in my suitcase across the country; so small, light weight, and not too fragile is best.

Some of the ideas I'm considering:

Apple Stamped Table Runner from Design SpongeI think table linens are almost always an excellent gift. I love this apple stamped (with a real apple) table runner tutorial from Design Sponge. It has an easy to follow tutorial with beautiful photos.

Textured Picture Frame from A Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess has a fun tutorial for turning a plain jane picture frame into something special. This would make a special gift filled with a meaningful photo.

Stash Baskets from The Purl BeeFor a crafty friend especially, I love the gift of a few stash baskets. Maybe with a few crafty bits and bobs to add to their stash or get it started. This tutorial from The Purl Bee is detailed and straight forward.

Triangle Bag from Between The LinesI know that everyone has a million cloth shopping bags these days. But mine certainly don't look like this. I'd be happy to trade a few of my boring ones in for these stylish canvas bags. I can only imagine my hosts would be happy to do the same. The super simple tutorial from Between the Lines is here.

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