Thursday, June 4, 2015

Crafty Plans in New York City

Brooklyn Bridge

I'm trying not to make too many plans for our visit to New York City. Mostly we just want to see everyone that we haven't seen in six-years. But I'm also going to hit up some of my old stomping grounds. Everything I've seen online shows that the handmade scene has grown exponentially since I was there. I can't wait to see how much has changed and how much is the same. So here are some of the places I'm hoping to check out while I'm in town.

Artists & Fleas Market - Chelsea & Williamsburg

Two really cool marketplaces for handmade and vintage vendors to sell their wares.

How much of a hipster does it make me to say that I remember when it was tiny warehouse just off the beaten path in Williamsburg (i.e. before it was cool)? I love seeing photos from friends whose businesses have grown up with this market and I can't wait to visit their larger, more improved spaces.

Better Than Jam - Bushwick & Governor's Island

My friend Karin opened this store full of handmade wonders just after I left New York. I'm proud to say that she carries some of my kits and a few other things I make here.

Every summer she also has a pop-up shop on Governor's Island. If the timing works out (and the line for the ferry isn't too long) I really want to go see the Governor's Island location.

The Garment District - Mahattan

I have spent countless hours digging through fabric stores and bargaining for the best prices in the Garment District. I'm going to limit my purchases, but I can't wait to check out the fabric, a store full of zippers, and all the other odds and ends.

For the easiest route, I usually take the subway to Herald Sq and then roam northwesternly.

The Brooklyn Flea - Fort Greene & Williamsburg

Every weekend this gigantic vintage, handmade, and gourmet food market takes over. I think there's tons of new events and vendors, so I'm excited to check it out. Although I remember it having a very limited selection of handmade. So maybe I'll just go for the food.

Renegade Craft Fair - Brooklyn Pop-Up at East River State Park

While I was less than impressed with the Portland Renegade Craft Fair last year, I remember the Brooklyn versions being huge, packed, and full of really great vendors. They are apparently doing 4 dates this summer, two of which I'll be in town for.

Etsy Craft Party - Brooklyn - June 5th

Etsy is throwing their annual Craft Party while I'm in town this year. Check here to find one in your neighborhood.

I haven't been to Etsy's new HQ, but I loved going to craft night at their old one. It looks like some folks I know will be at the Craft Party too.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

I'll be back from New York on June 15th. In the meantime you can find me on Instagram posting tons of photos of my trip (probably).



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