Thursday, July 9, 2015

Modern Macrame Tutorials

When macrame brought only images of strange looking owls and plant hangers in oranges and browns, I thought I didn't like macrame, that there was nothing new that could be done with it. The recent resurgence of macrame has certainly surprised me. But the attractive bright colors or minimalist white wall-hangings and the lack of owls make it much more palatable. It turns out that I actually like the fact that so much of macrame is useful and with an updated aesthetic, beautiful too.

Interested in (re)learning macrame? Here are some lovely tutorials to get you started.

Macrame Yarn Garland DIY from A Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess has several macrame tutorials, but I like this bright colored garland the best. It looks not too complicated and adds some serious fun.

Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial from Miss Amy PhippsI have a secret minimalist that lives in my heart and wants to have light, airy, simple, but truly complex art on my walls, like this wall hanging (tutorial from Miss Amy Phipps).

Macrame Lawn Chair Tutorial from Duece Cities Hen HouseThese macrame lawn chairs from Duece Cities Hen House are my favorite type of DIY. It gives new life to an old object with color, cheer, and beauty. If I had some old run down metal lawn chairs, I'm pretty sure I would be running out to buy the prettiest paracord right this second.

Macrame Balloons from You Are My FaveWhile you could make a macrame plant hanger, you could also hang all number of other things, like balloons. This tutorial for Macrame balloons from You Are My Fave is certainly whimsical, but exactly the kind of party decoration that accidentally becomes a year round decoration.

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  1. I did a lot of macrame in the 70's and really enjoyed it. Glad to hear it's been updated and is getting popular again. Where can you get macrame cording these days, though?

  2. One of the tutorials I linked to recommends Macrame Superstore. I've seen paracord at Michaels and JoAnns. But I'm not sure if they have more traditional macrame cord. Are you thinking of doing some macrame again?

  3. I was looking for some at Michaels and didn't see any. I wonder what dept. the paracord is in? I'm going to look into it.

  4. I think I saw it jewelry making. But don't quote me on that.