Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Braided Doormat

Braided Door Mat | Red Circle Crafts

I immediately fell in love with this doormat on Martha Stewart. I usually avoid Martha Stewart projects because the tutorials are ridiculously difficult to follow. Never enough photos of the things you actually need to see and the writing is bare bones and often vague. The worst is that the tutorial looks fine until you actually start in on it and realize you're missing some very important steps.

So as usual, I was sitting on the floor in front of my computer trying to follow the tutorial and move 100 ft of rope around me and getting more and more frustrated about it all. J usually just stays out of my way. I may or may not get snippy when someone tries to help me with something I'm sure I can figure out myself. But he just pulls out his encyclopedia of knots book* (he's such a boy scout) and asks if any of these knots look like the one I'm trying to make. With much clearer instructions to making an Ocean Plait Knot (yes, that's what that is, thanks, Martha, for not explaining that), the project became much simpler. Still tedious though. How can managing 100 ft of rope into one knot not be tedious?

Braided Door Mat | Red Circle Crafts

Some tips:

If you want your mat to be the same size as Martha's (33" x 20") make sure you use 165-ft of 1/2" rope. I had 100-ft of 1/4" rope on hand so I used that, but it came out significantly smaller than I'd hoped. It's still a serviceable size, but I didn't tighten it down as much as maybe I should have, either.

Try to straighten out any kinks in the rope from being tightly wound before you start your knot.

I used a piece of cardboard as a shuttle so that I wasn't pulling all 100-ft of rope through each weave. (A shuttle is a fancy way of saying I wound the rope around a long and skinny piece of cardboard.)

Start your knot in the actual middle of the rope. It means you only have to deal with half the rope at a time for weaving it through.

Braided Door Mat | Red Circle Crafts

For glue, I used E6000 in all of the places where the rope crosses itself so that it will stay more secure even with some foot traffic (after I was completely done of course).

Braided Door Mat | Red Circle Crafts

*The Encyclopedia of Knots is an Amazon Affiliate link. If you decide this is a book you need (and it is really cool) and purchase it through this link, I make a few cents. So thanks.

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