Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cactus Craze

I've been sick lately. And it completely sucks. I've been sitting in bed crafting, but photographing or even, god forbid, going outside for better light, sounds horrible. More projects coming soon when I'm feeling back to 100%. Almost there now, I hope.

I actually remember thinking that the cactus fad was going to fade quickly and trying to ignore the influx of weird cactus art and DIYs floating around the internet. I'm a little concerned that it's still here, but I'm actually starting to get on board with it. The idea of having odd cactus things in my home actually makes me laugh now instead of groan. Maybe it's the design equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome? Or maybe I'm becoming a crazy cactus lady.

Some fun, crafty, cactus projects that make me smile.

DIY Cactus Pillow from Everything EmilyThis cactus pillow DIY from Everything Emily is fun and quirky. I love when 3-D objects have some cartoonishness to them, like this.

Mini Cactus Pinatas from Oh Happy DayI love pinatas. I seriously go a little crazy, in a good way, about them. These mini cactus pinatas from Oh Happy Day are kind of the best.

DIy Faux Stained Glass Bottles from A Beautiful MessThese cactus Faux-Stained Glass Bottles from A Beautiful Mess are unlike any other DIYs I've seen around. I didn't even know you could buy glass paints at the art store. Definitely something new to try.

Cactus Pin Cushions from Plan BPin cushion cacti are pretty brilliant. This pin cushion tutorial from Plan B looks fairly simple. It is in Spanish, but that's what google translate is for, right?

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