Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Block Printed Minimalist Backpack

Minimalist Backpack | Red Circle Crafts

I love cute little backpacks. I've got the start of a complicated one sketched out. But the adjustable straps, big zippers, many pockets, and all that goes into an adorable backpack has kept me from making myself one. So, when I saw this adorable back to school tutorial, designed for an adult too, on Design*Sponge, I knew I needed to make it.

Minimalist Backpack | Red Circle Crafts

It's really just the kick I need to start block printing too. I finally found a brayer* at my local SCRAP and have read a bunch about technique, tips, and spent hours looking at other people's beautiful prints.

This is my first attempt at block printing. I LOVED it. I think I love it as much as if it had turned out perfect. I'm a big perfectionist, but this looks so wonderful with all of it's imperfections (including dropping an inked stamp onto the fabric).

Minimalist Backpack | Red Circle Crafts

Some of the ways I didn't follow the tutorial (because I can never follow along exactly like they tell me to):

  • I didn't have any rope or enough grommets, so I sewed in nylon webbing at the step when you should add grommets.

  • I put in french seams so that my inner seams would be finished (it did make the fold-over flap more difficult to hem).

Wow. I guess I really liked this tutorial. I didn't make too many changes I think it would still be absolutely lovely if I had followed along exactly.

Minimalist Backpack | Red Circle Crafts

*I used an Amazon Affiliate link, in case you want to know what a brayer is, and I make a few cents if you choose to buy one through this link.

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