Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kid-Sized Owl Bags

Kid-Sized Owl Bags | Red Circle Crafts

What's better than one small owl bag? A mini owl bag to go with it.

My niece is obsessed with a doll she has (a non-american girl branded 18" doll). Which does make present making easier because all I have to do is make a matching ___ for her doll as well and instant success.

Kid-Sized Owl Bags | Red Circle Crafts

I was inspired by the Owl Bag Pattern that Gingercake sells. Her owls are really lovely.

I drafted the pattern for these myself, but you can see how heavily her design influenced mine. The larger one will be a small satchel for my six year old niece and a perfectly matching bag for her doll to carry too.

The details: I used some cotton fabric I had already and felt. I added stabilizer to the yellow fabric to give some weight and used wonder under to attach the wings and purple circles for the eyes. Both so that the fabric would stick while I sewed it on, and also so that it wouldn't fray (much). The straps are a cool Japanese cotton tape that I've been waiting for the perfect project to use and lavender nylon webbing that was cannibalized from an old falling apart bag years ago.

I hand sewed all the felt on because I thought it might be too fussy to sew nicely on my machine. Plus I love the way they pop out a bit this way.

Kid-Sized Owl Bags | Red Circle Crafts

Kid-Sized Owl Bags | Red Circle Crafts

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