Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Adventurer's Banner

Felt Banner | Red Circle Crafts

I love this felt banner tutorial from Davina Drummond on Breathe Happiness. Her banner with the same phrase: "Make More Adventures" made me really happy. So I've recreated it. Since I have so many felt sheets already cut down to 8.5" x 11", I fit mine to this.

Download a PDF of the phrase here.

The font is free font Sketchy.

Felt Banner | Red Circle Crafts

I did a few things differently than she did because I'd rather sew everything together than not. Follow her tutorial for a no sew version of this one.

Print out the letters on card stock and cut them out. I chose to leave the inside of letters like O and D, because I like that look.

Felt Banner | Red Circle Crafts

Trace them onto a piece of felt. You can see that it doesn't actually take up that much room if you draw them close together. Then cut them out carefully. If you're going to use bondaweb or wonder under, iron it onto the felt before drawing the letters. Trace the letters directly onto it and then cut out.

Cut down the sheet of felt that will be the background. Make sure that there will be enough room at the top to fold over and slide a dowel through and that your triangle isn't too steep of a point to fit all the letters.

Felt Banner | Red Circle Crafts

I knew I wanted to hand sew all of the my felt letters on, but I was worried about them moving around as I sewed. So I took a glue stick and carefully glued everything in place. Then I took a warm iron (not too hot if you're using polyester felt like I am) and pressed all of the letters in place. It's not a long term solution, but it worked.

I sewed down all of the letters with a small whip stitch in a thread that matches my letters.

Felt Banner | Red Circle Crafts

Then using the dowel, I measured how far I needed to fold over the top to hang it and took it for a quick pass on the sewing machine.

Slide the dowel back in, add a string to hang it and it's all set!

Felt Banner | Red Circle Crafts

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