Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Costume DIYs

So it's October 1st. I'm sure you also have this marked on your calendar as the day you have to start making your Halloween costume. But in case you don't, you might, maybe, want to start thinking about it. Unless you aren't into it, then you can just look at the people being silly. But here are some great costume DIY ideas.

Strawberry Halloween Costume from Studio DIY

Studio DIY has a ton of awesome, well put together, and yet easy to do Halloween Costume DIYs. I'm beginning to think they're as crazy about Halloween as I am. The one pictured is of course a strawberry.

Robot Costume from Paging Fun Mums

This robot costume from Paging Fun Mums is amazing! Maybe the best I've seen since my friend built one in a scene shop with working lights and a ledge to hold his drink. He didn't really think about getting through doors though and had to go sideways. In any case, this one may be for a child, but would be super amazing on an adult too.

Deer Halloween Costume from Flattery

I know everyone always wants to do current events, movies, or pop star Halloween costumes, but I love it when people dress up as animals. This deer costume tutorial from Flattery is super sweet and really well done. I want to make myself one of those antler headbands.

Where's Waldo Halloween Costume from Say Yes

Yes, this is a family costume, but any of those one their own would be amazing too. No crazy construction either. The post from Say Yes on this Where's Waldo costumes has some good ideas on how to put it together and where they sourced their clothes from.

All of these photos belong to their respective, linked sites.

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